David Thomas

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Head of Partnerships

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Oct 2023
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With over nine years of experience in sports marketing and partnerships, I am a passionate and results-oriented professional who thrives on creating and executing strategic plans that generate value for both clients and partners. I currently work as a contractor for UNLTD Sports Group, a leading sports marketing agency that connects athletes with brands and opportunities.In my previous roles, I have successfully managed and developed partnerships with various sports organizations, including the Houston Rockets, the Portland Trail Blazers, the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Alliance of American Football. I have also leveraged my skills in new business development, key account management, and customer relationship management to build and maintain long-term relationships with key stakeholders, such as sponsors, media, and athletes. I am always eager to learn new things, explore new challenges, and collaborate with diverse and talented teams. My goal is to use my expertise and passion for sports marketing to create impactful and innovative solutions that benefit both the sports industry and the society.