Des Hague

New title:

CEO + Co Founder

New company:

Nebula9 Spirits

Start date:

Nov 2023
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This bio does not include everything but gives you a good idea of my history, well mainly the successes, as there have been plenty of horrible learning experiences along the way but each one made me stronger, smarter, and better equipped to handle life. The good and bad are listed in my book 15 Minutes of Shame - How A Twitter Mob Almost Ruined My Life.Now, if you have some time on your hands and want to know more details please scroll down.Des Hague is an acclaimed executive leader with a proven track record of leading global brands. In his private equity ventures he has returned over half a billion dollars to investors. Hague is the co founder of Hague Enterprises LLC and has made several investments since its inception in 2015. Hague has served on the advisory board of several companies; Stamford Youth Foundation, Halls, RAS Technologies, MRGN, Ikoniq, YoungCaruso, Happy Clinic, Messenger Corporation and VIPER EA. Hague also advises several start ups and not for profit organizations. Additionally, Hague provides expertise and advisory services for several private equity firms specializing in turnarounds, buyouts, and industry consolidations.Hague currently is Co-Founder and CEO of Nebula9 Spirits that is currently in launch mode. Hague’s goal is to re shape the category. No small goal but his thinking is if you dream you may has well dream big.Prior Hague served as the Managing Partner of Messenger Corporation, a brand activator in the Sports and Entertainment world, which he sold in July 2023. Before that Hague served as the President and CEO of VIPER EA a leader in retail profit optimization. During in his three-year tenure Hague increased the enterprise value of the company to $100 million a 6x plus increase.Between 2009 to 2014, Hague held the position of CEO of Centerplate, Inc., which grew under his leadership to become North America’s largest hospitality business, operating in sports, convention centers, and entertainment venues in over 40 US states, Canada, and Europe. Sold to Olympus Partners resulting in Kohlberg (equity owner) largest return at the time of the transaction.Prior to Centerplate Hague has had the pleasure of working for iconic brands such as Safeway, IHOP, 7-Eleven, Maytag, PepsiCo and Whitbread.Hague is heavily involved in the community and his efforts to date has helped raise over one hundred million for worthy causes. Hague has won numerous awards throughout his career but is most proud of the ones associated with being a force for good from Baltimore, Toronto, Vancouver, California and Connecticut.