Frederick J. Gransee IV

New title:

CEO and President

New company:

The Flannel Bear

Start date:

Oct 2023
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Tenured Senior Product Manager for almost ten years. Experience ranges from a 50/50 division of hardware and software solutions. As technology continues to advance, so do I, to ensure my continuous goal in providing products, technology, and solutions that make customers lives easier.As I look forward towards a new organization to become a part of, I feel that my skills, education, and experience will add value.I enjoy working in the SaaS space, and providing solutions on many levels, and partnering with a cross-functional team to deliver a solution (s) in the B2B, B2C, D2C, of B2B2C channels.My focus and passion always rely on advocating for the VOC. The collaboration of products and projects that I have worked on and delivered, are and have been produced and even awarded for concepts, design, and innovation. I pride myself in being a “think outside of-the-box” product manager, and industry leader. The successes that I have accomplished were successes because of the many talented teams, organizations, and individuals that I have had the honor of working with.Core Competencies:* Leadership* Product Management* Project Management* Product Strategy* Sales Enablement* Product Methodology (Lean, Waterfall, Agile).