Roman R.

New title:

Data Science & Engineering Advisor

New company:

Alpha Arietis Inc

Start date:

Nov 2023
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With a tenure of over 13 years in Data and Analytics, Roman has crafted a niche in delivering groundbreaking technical solutions that support business expansion, operational decision making and risk management.His leadership roles in esteemed Tech and Financial firms underscore his knack for steering cross-functional, global teams with finesse. Roman's expertise spans a broad spectrum, from Software Engineering, AI/ML, and Data Science to Product Management and Cloud Solutions.Roman's emphasis on agile methodologies, collaboration, and rapid prototyping ensures that workflows remain agile, primed for swift scalability, and consistently innovative.Expertise in: Data Science, Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Statistical Data Analysis, Economics, AI/ML, ML Ops Engineering , Cross-Functional Team Leadership, Time Series Forecasting, Agile Methods, Cloud Solutions, Optimization, Causal inference/Experiments, Mentoring & Coaching, Product Management , Corporate and Quantitative Finance.