Martin Burns


A writer from a young age, after graduating from St. Lawrence University with a degree in writing poetry, Martin discovered that you cannot - in fact - send saucy limericks in lieu of checks for student loan payments. So he began his professional career in the publishing industry, ultimately moving into acquisition editing for Allyn & Bacon. Since making the move into the recruiting industry, he has scaled talent acquisition operations for rapidly growing global start-ups as well as taking on leadership roles with major multinationals. He brings broad and deep expertise in talent acquisition as well as communications to his role as editor-in-chief of Recruitment News Network. Along with his role with RNN, he serves as HireClix’s in-house technology “geek” and copywriter, regularly with major HireClix clients on recruitment initiatives and generally keeping his hand on the pulse of the industry. He also founded, and co-admins, the popular Facebook group Talent Product Plays.