What is recruiting news network?

Recruiting News Network (RNN) is designed to be a hub for you - talent acquisition pros.

It’s your spot to access cutting edge content that focuses on the industry you love. Designed by industry veterans who were looking for a globally-focused TA information hub. Like all of us, we spend time in a variety of places looking for information. From networking groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and on and on - information is power. And, people in the talent acquisition industry are, by their nature, information machines. They love to provide it, and they love to consume it. Because knowledge is our business - it’s what makes the best of us stand out and thrive. RNN’s goal is to bring all that amazing, disparate knowledge together, underpinned with a continuous stream of fresh, unique content created by our practitioner-staff, as well as industry pros who want to share their significant wisdom. We encourage conversations in our comments, and across social, around these topics.

The staff and contributing writers at RNN come from the industry. They’ve put skin in the game, learned hands-on, and have stories to tell. In fact, if you have something to say, we’d love to know about it. While we do have an editorial & approval process, we’re always open to hearing from you. Fill out the form below to get in touch.

Our approach is to be holistic, with some core themes to make it easy to navigate and focus on what you need first. Broad themes that include: technology; people in the industry; events; process & operations; DE&I; and on and on. We also offer a job search, which features TA-industry specific job openings (powered by our friends at Indeed) as well as career advice (it’s a bit of an irony, or maybe it’s just Cobbler’s Shoes Syndrome, but sometimes we need help when it comes to our own career moves). And, when you’ve made that great new move? Announce it in our People on the Move section. 

So, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter, bookmark us, add us to your feed if you like, whatever works for you. We’ll keep the conversation going, and look forward to you joining in as you feel the urge.

The team

Martin Burns


A writer from a young age, after graduating from St. Lawrence University with a degree in writing poetry, Martin discovered that you cannot - in fact - send saucy limericks in lieu of checks for student loan payments. So he began his professional career in the publishing industry, ultimately moving into acquisition editing for Allyn & Bacon. Since making the move into the recruiting industry, he has scaled talent acquisition operations for rapidly growing global start-ups as well as taking on leadership roles with major multinationals. He brings broad and deep expertise in talent acquisition as well as communications to his role as editor-in-chief of Recruitment News Network. Along with his role with RNN, he serves as HireClix’s in-house technology “geek” and copywriter, regularly with major HireClix clients on recruitment initiatives and generally keeping his hand on the pulse of the industry. He also founded, and co-admins, the popular Facebook group Talent Product Plays.


Neil Costa


Neil Costa has twenty years of experience in digital & recruitment marketing, with success in marketing, strategic alliances, sales, and business development. He has a strong depth of knowledge managing ROI and P&L impact on businesses, along with extensive experience in customer-facing roles and public speaking about recruitment marketing, recruiting analytics and building an employer brand. Neil’s specialties include interactive marketing, negotiation, social media, P&L management, and marketing know-how.

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