How to drive User Adoption of New Technology

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May 20, 2021

Top strategies to help employees adopt new tech

For any executive today, growing efficiency and productivity means keeping up with technology. When it comes to operationalizing digital initiatives however, most companies find the task to be much bigger than expected.

Having invested so much in acquiring new technology, it’s a huge challenge to drive large-scale, effective user adoption. This actually proves to be the biggest obstacle and it impacts heavily on the success of a project. What application leaders need are robust strategies to enhance user adoption and avoid repeating legacy mistakes.

So, how can you drive efficient and successful User Adoption of New Technology in your team?

In this webinar, Zaidy Ramirez, Director of Engineering and Automation at K2 Partnering Solutions, and Shereen van Lierop, Pre-sales consultant at Textkernel will guide you on how to:

  • Define the baseline of your current User Adoption levels
  • Build a strategy for your Adoption program
  • Measure and monitor User Adoption efforts
  • Avoid critical mistakes
  • Tips and tricks from the experts

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