Personalize Your Recruiting Messages with Candidate Personas

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March 16, 2021
March 16, 2021

Prospective candidates are often bombarded with recruiting marketing messages that all sound about the same - “grow your career with us,” “make an impact,” “work with smart people.” In today’s market, your messaging needs to be personalized in order to be heard.

Stand out from your competition by delivering the messages that matter most to your specific talent audience. Creating marketing personas for your key talent segments will allow you to develop targeted messaging that resonates with your audience. Personas can be used to personalize your messages in job advertisements, on your career site, in your social media posts, and in all of your candidate communications.

Join Kara Yarnot, HireClix’s VP of Strategic Consulting Services, for this webinar and learn:
-Why marketing personas are important
-The key elements of a persona
-How to conduct persona research
-How to use the personas in your recruiting marketing messages

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