Alison Paris

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Talent Acquisition Strategy and Operations Director

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Start date:

May 2019
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Alison Paris is a Talent Acquisition specialist with more than a decade of successful experience in hiring and operational management. She specializes in program management and strategy, and recruitment marketing.

With a strong desire to branch into Human Resources (HR), Alison changed her career focus from corporate marketing and communications to HR where she led the HR change management for the stand up of a privately-owned government contractor.

After the transition was complete, Alison moved into the Talent Acquisition organization to lead the recruitment marketing efforts to build the companies stand-alone brand. From there she took on additional assignments and roles, eventually leading the TA Operations function.

After nearly 15 years with the company, Alison had the opportunity to join CACI to lead the TA Strategy and Operations team. The role provided her with the opportunity to lead new TA functions, including Sourcing and Bid & Proposal recruiting. Another draw was that CACI chose to invest in TA programs, such as University, Referrals, and Recruitment Marketing – which are being built from the ground up. Being on the front-end of developing a program or a function keep Alison motivated.

Alison spends her free time with her family and friends and can be found most weekends enjoying her son’s baseball games and daughter’s soccer games.