Daniel Roberts

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Sr Technical Recruiter

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Mar 2021
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In my early career I spent several years doing onscreen television work. I used that platform to doing highly visible national level LGBTQ advocacy work in a time when announcing you were LBGTQ would likely get you fired or stagnate your career at best (not that long ago folks). It's during those years where I honed my communication skills and ability to reach diverse audiences and positively influence people's views. Being a natural connector, I used those skills to jump into talent where i've been since. I'm an experienced recruiter with a love for connecting bright, genuine, and creative people with technology-driven ventures that are changing the landscape of service delivery. What's most important to me and where much of my value arises is in my intense focus on a genuine and positive candidate experience. I thrive in a creative, mission driven environment based around a people-centered culture where people are valued and curiosity is rewarded. I've recently joined Codecademy for multiple reasons, the first being that people-centered culture, but more so for the mission. We're the forerunner in online coding education with a mission of lowering barriers to careers in tech. In an economy where technical knowledge is highly valued, yet the means to reach that knowledge through traditional universities is evermore financially out of reach for most, Codecademy is an accessible road to tangible empowerment. Please find me on Linkedin and say hello!