Eric Moore

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Supervisor, Corporate Recruitment

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Oct 2020
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After moving to Las Vegas from Silicon Valley at age 21 to start a fresh career in 2016, I became an Interior Design Assistant at Wynn Design & Development (a subsidiary of Wynn Resorts) to become a hotelier after going to school for Hospitality Management in California. After being with Wynn for almost 2 years, a design studio merger occurred of which I was effected, including those who have worked with Wynn for 30+ years, and built Las Vegas as we know it today. The department lost a lot of talented, creative and passionate people. After that experience, it taught me how important it is to have the right people in the right position.

I then joined the Corporate Talent Acquisition Team at MGM Resorts International as a Talent Acquisition Representative. We hired Executive Assistants, Project Managers and Directors. Unfortunately the hospitality industry took a hard hit courtesy of COVID-19 shortly after I joined MGM. During the shutdown, I was able to restart and focus on future opportunities of which I could help someone else gain employment and make a better livelihood for themselves, especially during times like these. I now work for GeoTek, a consultant Geotechnical Engineering firm. I direct the Corporate Recruitment team hiring everyone from Custodians, Administrative Staff, Special Inspectors, Project Managers and licensed Geotechnical Engineers.

I received two certificates from the University of Minnesota, Specializing in Human Resources and Recruitment, and one certificate from Harvard University.

I love my job, for I take pride in helping others find employment and hiring quality individuals to assist in the drastic expansion of Las Vegas and our other locations across three other states as a whole.

I am a huge foodie, and love going to various restaurants across town. I also love staycations! It brings me a lot of joy to see what the various resorts here have to offer.