Jake O'Brien

New title:

Technical Recruiter

New company:

Homesite Insurance

Start date:

Aug 2020
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Jake joined Homesite Insurance in August of 2020 as a Technical Recruiter. Jake is a personable and dedicated person who strives to bridge the gap between the technical side of things and the non-technical side through communication best practices with candidates. He understands and can explain thoroughly what each technology skill is used for and why it’s applicable but then also provides insight into why it is important for the questions he is asking the candidate in his introductory screening calls. This attribute helps Jake fill jobs efficiently and with the correct candidate.

Jake enjoys networking the most with people and brings a large presence to the office culture. Jake got into recruiting so he can help people, the saying goes “There is a seat for every butt” meaning there is always a job out there for someone and Jake wants to help them find it.

Jake received his bachelor’s degree from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. His hobbies include golfing, lacrosse, spending time with his niece and getting together with friends.

Jake O’brien

Technical Recruiter

Homesite Insurance

One Federal Street, 5th Floor

Boston, MA 02110