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ZRG Partners

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Sep 2021
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ZRG, a leading search firm backed by private equity firm RFE Investment Partners, has elected Hamilton Bradshaw CEO James Caan to its board of directors. Mr. Caan has made a personal seven-figure investment in the company. “We are thrilled to add James Caan to our board of directors,” said CEO Larry Hartmann. “He brings a global aspect to our board that is important as we continue our expansion. James will be a valuable resource to me in my role as CEO as someone who has successfully grown and scaled a global recruitment business. I look forward to his involvement in our future growth.”

In 2004 I founded private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw (HB) and joined the panel of heavyweight investors for BBC’s Dragons' Den in 2007. My main focus is on my charity work, current investments, growing Hamilton Bradshaw and mentoring entrepreneurs to help ensure their success.

My passion is building businesses and backing talented people. I have been building and selling businesses since 1985 and I think it is important to invest in people rather than just products or businesses. I'm a great believer that it is people who create a successful business through their passion and conviction. I’ve always believed “It’s your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude”.

Hamilton Bradshaw is an investment management company that specialises in seed capital and growth capital for service-based businesses such as recruitment, real estate, business services and property investment. We have established ourselves as the leading recruitment investment management firm. All of the businesses that we advise receive tailored, expert support, giving them an incredible platform from which to grow rapidly.

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Specialties: Business start-ups, investment, SMEs, private equity, portfolio management, recruitment, jobs, careers, mentorship, acquisitions, buy-outs