Jennifer Gill

New title:

Chief Marketing Officer ~ Eye Care Recruiter

New company:

Eyetastic Services

Start date:

Apr 2022
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Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Gill, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Eyetastic Services with my husband Steve Gill, and I have been in the eye care industry for over 16 years.

As a Florida State Licensed Optician and having many years of experience as an optical manager, I understand the demand of finding coverage,and not just any coverage but top talent who will help to drive the business.  Lacking the right people not only affects all areas of the practice, but patient care as well.

I started recruiting in 2021 as an Optometric Physician Recruiter helping practices find optometrists to see their amazing patients. It Was in this position that I fell in love with recruiting! It has been amazing connecting and networking with everyone. I love seeing their success on social media and I am rooting for them all the way!

Unfortunately, I endured quite a bit of hostility at my prior employment with a few selected individuals that would do whatever they could to undermine, belittle, and say disparaging remarks about me. It was not a good environment at all, and it ended up affecting my work.

Both my husband and I took a stand and are now moving on to bigger, better things that will allow us to help the eye care industry further.

In any industry there should be no room for allowing toxicity or discrimination and I am hoping our story brings further awareness to this issue.

My advice to anyone out there who is being unfairly treated to take a stand, make your issues aware, and if things do not improve, do not be afraid to move onwards and upwards somewhere else. You are worth more than you know, do not take less, but take the risk for a better YOU😊

Nonetheless, I am super excited to start my new path and to continue to help the eye care industry. It has been amazing to see all the support and love from everyone that I have connected with, and I hope we cancontinue to build each other up, personally and professionally.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me at as I would love to see what I can do to assist you.

Have the best day ever!