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Stories Inc.

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Dec 2020
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Jill Shabelman was recently made Partner at Stories Inc., a culture content creation and recruitment marketing company. Since joining the Stories Inc. team in 2019, Jill has managed important client storytelling and content engagements, including large employer brand activations, career site relaunches, global culture video libraries, and DIB campaigns. She was promoted to lead the project team and all client services in 2019. In 2020 Jill led the development of Virtual Story Sessions, Stories Inc.'s answer to creating compelling culture content during the global pandemic. Jill is now officially a partner at Stories Inc., effective this month.

Jill has a wealth of experience that makes her a valuable and unique partner for Stories Inc. and their clients. Jill has experience as a leader and practitioner in both employer branding and talent acquisition for major brands. She has also overseen large programs in campus recruiting and data analysis and metrics related to career outcomes in higher education. And, she once took a year sabbatical to travel the world.

In addition to her wealth of experiences, Jill is a healthy work culture champion. She has driven innovation and excellent results for her team and Stories Inc. clients while also promoting a culture of balance and empathy.

Congrats, Jill!