Kyle Lagunas

New title:

Head of Talent Attraction, Sourcing & Insight

New company:

General Motors

Start date:

Apr 2021
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10 years ago, I landed a temp-to-perm content marketing job writing about HR best practices at Software Advice. I had been struggling for years to find something, anything that would pay my bills (never mind my student loans). But as an inexperienced Millennial in a post-Recession world without a college degree... my choices were extremely limited.

Little did I know that my stint at this little startup would be the beginning of an unbelievably rewarding career. The things I've learned, the places I've been, the people I've met - it's truly been a wild ride.

And now it's time for the next step. This week, I joined the talent acquisition leadership at General Motors as the Head of Talent Attraction, Sourcing and Insight.

I've been tasked with building the engine that drives the dynamic and diverse pipeline of innovators and disruptors that will deliver on Mary Barra's ambitious vision of a fully electric GM. Me - the boy who couldn't even afford a car just a decade ago. It gives a whole new meaning to our call to action of 'Everybody In.'

I'm humbled, I'm exhilarated, and I'm determined to shake shit up. And I invite you to join me for the ride. Recruiters, Sourcers, Technologists, Marketers, Operators... Who's with me?