Michael Beirne

New title:

Technical Recruiter

New company:

HRL Laboratories, LLC

Start date:

Apr 2022
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I am proud to be part of a stellar team at HRL! We are hiring engineers, scientists, and professionals to work in a world renowned applied research setting. We continually build our diverse culture and invite anyone and everyone to apply! Lets connect to discuss what makes HRL such an amazing place to be.

Please take a look at our current openings: http://www.hrl.com/careers/current-openings

Check out our latest news: https://www.hrl.com/news

Please take a tour of our campus and learn more about HRL: https://youtu.be/X_Z6tHUgdMk

We are pushing the boundaries in (no particular order): QIS, Quantum Science, Computational Physics, Qubits, Autonomous Systems, AI, ML, CV, Imaging, RFIC, MMIC, MEMs, ASIC, IR Devices, Focal Plane Arrays, GaN Devices, Additive Manufacturing, Analog, Mixed Signal, Formal Methods, Game Theory, Photonics, Nueromorphic Design, Robotics, Materials, Metallurgy, Foundry, Integration, Fabrication, Micro-Fabrication, Packaging, Sensors, Related Software, and a WHOLE lot more.You would be hard pressed to find more technology under one roof!