Mohammed Khaleed

New title:

Principal Recruiter - Data Science & AI

New company:

MBN Solutions

Start date:

Jul 2021
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The UK tech and data science industries are facing a huge challenge as demand out strips supply for technologists and data scientists.

For businesses, it means it’s harder to find the people they want.

For candidates, it means there’s more opportunity than they’ve had before.

I sit in the middle of all of that: connecting the best businesses with the best people and the best people with the best business, from across the UK.
Having been in the recruitment game for more than half a decade, I’m known for my insatiable curiosity and data science and AI expertise, which I’ve used to build a community of data science and AI professionals and tap into unique talent and opportunities.
I’ve helped businesses innovative and grow through connecting them with world class people and I’ve helped people launch and grow extremely successful data science careers.
How do I do it?
That’s simple.
I see myself as an extension of the businesses I partner with. I get in, understand them as much as possible and know that it’s about finding the best fit, not just placing the first person that comes along.
Understanding why a business is hiring for a role or why the person I’m working with is taking their career in a new direction lets me find the best person or opportunity for them, every time.
There may be a talent shortage but there’s no reason that should slow your business down.