Patricia Tooker

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Sr. Corporate Recruiter

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Mar 2022
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Patricia is a Senior Corporate Recruiter who was encouraged to put her creative approach to good use with talent sourcing and recruiting, helping people make a great career connection.

Patricia is a Senior Corporate Recruiter with 9+ years of experience in talent sourcing and requiring for multiple clients, companies, positions and work environments.

With her recent experience in the past four years, she has worked almost exclusively in a staffing agency helping companies find direct-hire/perm employees. Becoming a trusted advisor to both the company and the candidates to ensure there is a good professional match.

Patricia often refers to herself as a purple unicorn hunter, because purple squirrels seem too common.

Patricia's experience covers all levels of work roles, over a broad spectrum of small to large companies. She offers consultative recruiting expertise to help discover and hire great talent. A tried and true Senior Corporate Recruiter, Patricia seeks to make the teams around her better, help however possible and has provided mentorship and training to junior recruiters and sourcers.