Sarah Walker

New title:

Executive Recruiter

New company:

Onward Play

Start date:

Jul 2020
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I joined Onward Play in July of 2020 as an Executive Recruiter. Onward Play works exclusively with video game studio, esports organizations and Xtended reality roles. I have always maintained an authentic and sincere approach in my outreach in what is a highly competitive market and Onward Play is in alignment with this practice, so it was a natural progression.

Mass emails and cold calls do not work in an industry that is hesitant to let outsiders in. Getting a job at a top game studio is the equivalent of getting role in a feature film. I work with exceptional talent to help them find their next “Happy home” as this industry is rampant with mass layoffs and constant migrations. I have worked with staffing in this emerging space for 6 years and truly enjoy learning something new about each sector every day from the passionate people who make up these verticals.

I am known for being a person of my word, persistent, curious, and a great connector of people. I always have my head and my heart in the right place which always seems to lead to success. These qualities help me to gain the trust an industry that typically does not reach out to “outside resources” for their hiring needs. In my free time you can find me at any esports competition or networking event geared toward my industry with my trusty networking companion Bear. Because of the pandemic, I have found more time to play my piano.