Sharawn Connors Tipton

New title:

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

New company:

Micron Technology

Start date:

May 2021
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Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader driving strategy, high-impact initiatives, and operations to maximize shareholder value and attainment of business goals.
Experience leading Diversity and Inclusion, Exec. Compensation, Global Compensation and Benefits, Global Mobility, HR Communications, HR Mergers and Acquisitions, HR Employee Engagement, Employee Relations and HRIS.
Excellent communicator; adept at building strong relationships and credibility with the C-Suite and business leaders to drive change.
Solutions-oriented, with the ability to analyze relevant data to recommend successful strategies and projects to meet business needs.
Ability to work at all levels of the DEI “stack” – Strategic, Operational, and Tactical.
Possesses the ability to think strategically and implement strategy tactically.

With a passion for education and coaching, Sharawn serves as a business adjunct professor and as a mentor to first generation and underrepresented college students. She is also an advocate for affordable housing and quality elder care for underrepresented groups in her hometown, Oakland, CA.