Stella Park

New title:

Vice President Talent Acquisition

New company:

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Start date:

Jul 2023
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As a strategic human resources executive, I offer proven success in advancing global organizations and employees through innovative people programs emphasizing the acquisition, development, and retention of world-class talent. My ability to deliver a full range of global HR support and leadership has aided in the capacity to create, constantly improve, and evolve human capital strategies that drive the organization’s mission, vision, and business objectives. Having held a central role in optimizing and transforming global talent acquisition, organizational effectiveness, and overall HR strategies, I have successfully facilitated positive corporate change across operations worldwide.Merited as a trusted business partner, I skillfully integrate with all levels of the organization to expand the adoption of HR policies, procedures, and programs while positively shaping company culture, strengthening the employer brand, and optimizing the employee experience. With a genuine passion for helping people and organizations reach their full potential and a commitment to an engaged and inclusive workforce, I am focused on accelerating standards of excellence throughout the employee life cycle.