Stephanie Wezelman

New title:

Manager, Emerging Talent Recruiting

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Start date:

Sep 2021
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Stephanie is the Emerging Talent Recruiting Manager at LinkedIn, focusing on strategy and overseeing hiring for the early career and apprenticeship space. Most recently in her role, she is leading a team focusing on talent acquisition for REACH, a multi-year program at LinkedIn focusing on creating opportunity for every individual with the passion, potential, and drive to either develop or restart their technical career.

Prior to this role, Stephanie worked in recruiting for 7+ years, building out internship programs and campus recruiting strategy from the ground up, for a global logistics company, in addition to others. LinkedIn was always a dream company for Stephanie, and she is so excited to launch the next phase of her career along such an incredible and talented team.

Company culture is the most important aspect to Stephanie, and she loves being able to share LinkedIn’s incredible culture with emerging talent and bring them on board to start their careers.

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