Tim Esse

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Growth by Design Talent

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Mar 2021
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Growth by Design Talent
  Recruiter / Sourcer

Mar 2021 – Present

Growth by Design Talent is a Recruiting Strategy and Services company, specializing in helping companies achieve growth with quality through a thoughtfully designed approach. We advise on recruiting foundations, place top talent through retained search, and provide recruiting leadership training and development. We’re passionate about building inclusive teams, sustainable recruiting cultures, operations for scale, and iconic employer brands.

We have over 35 years of combined recruiting leadership experience with companies at all stages of growth including Airbnb, Pinterest, Facebook, and Apple. What differentiates us is our range of experiences — industries, stage of companies, depth of leadership roles within Recruiting, and breadth into partner teams on the HR and IT side. Our experiences cover all stages of the business cycle including hands-on early building, high growth scaling, international, IPO, and growing from big to massive. Recent clients include high-growth companies like Stripe, Pinterest, Brex, Opendoor, Alto Pharmacy, Plenty, Tile, Terminal, Asana, and Figma. Our task is to assess and improve how they recruit, help fill critical leadership roles and mentor talent to develop recruiting teams that provide a foundation for continued business success. …

Retail Leadership Recruiter

Dates Employed Feb 2006 – Feb 2021
Employment Duration 15 yrs 1 mo

Recruit World Class Talent for Apple Retail Stores and Reseller Partners
- Lead Recruitment for 70 Stores with over $2 Billion in Sales and 1000 Employees
- Recruit Full Range of Employees for Apple Retail Stores
- Effectively used Social Recruiting, Cold Calling, Networking, Job Boards, and Historical Contacts to fill open positions
- Full Cycle Recruiting
- Conducted LinkedIn training for High Volume Sourcing group.
- Implemented Internal Wiki For Staffing
- Certified Linkedin Recruiter Coach
- Certified Linkedin Recruiter Expert …
- LinkedIn Elevate Top Ranked Engagements 3 yrs 2X the next
closest recruiter

Best Buy
Recruiting / Sourcing (Contract Position)

Best Buy - Contract
Dates Employed Sep 2005 – Feb 2006
Employment Duration 6 mos

Recruited a wide range of candidates for Corporate and Field positions

The Mobile Solution
Market Recruiter

Dates Employed Jul 2004 – Sep 2005
Employment Duration 1 yr 3 mos

- Recruiter of the Year 2004
Full Cycle Recruiting of Retail Salespeople.

Company Name

Dates Employed 2001 – 2004
Employment Duration 3 yrs

Full Cycle Recruitment of Independent Financial Representatives.
· Set Region Record for Single Month Recruiting
· # 2 Personal Recruiter 2003 in Minnesota, # 25 Nationwide
· # 2 Personal Recruiter 2002 in Minnesota, # 26 Nationwide
· # 5 Personal Production in Division 2003
· # 7 Personal Production in Division 2002
· 2003 Las Vegas award trip winner
· 2002 Boca Raton award trip winner
· 2003 Pioneer Club Qualifier
· 2003 Primerica TV Network Award Winner
· 2002 Primerica TV Network Award Winner