Tom Mutaffis

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Senior Recruiter - Data Engineering

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Mar 2021
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Talent is critical to the success of every organization.

Throughout my career I have worked to become a leader in recruitment strategy, talent acquisition, candidate sourcing/engagement, employer branding, candidate experience, diversity & inclusion - essentially all of the skills that help enable me to deliver the absolute best hires and in many cases access to candidates who my company could not previously reach or engage.

For the past 3-5 years my efforts have been focused on hiring to support massive business and technology transformations including software engineers, data scientists, ML/AI engineers, product managers, cloud experts, and more; from Associate to Senior Manager/Director level.

Outside of work I have a few more titles including Dad, Husband, Coach, and am also a Professional Strongman (former national champion, ranked in the top 20-25 worldwide).

Need help with your career search? Or hiring great talent? I'm always happy to connect!