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In 1999 I built one of the world's first true SaaS Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS); highly configurable, designed to integrate from the outset, single source code, sat in the cloud. I believed that every job would be found and applied for online, and even though at the time most people scoffed at such a ridiculous idea, that belief never wavered.

Fast forward 20 years and this visionary thinking of a cloud-based open recruitment platform is considered the norm now that every job is, as I believed, for good or for bad, online.

And during the last 20 years or so I've done quite a lot including:

★ Advising employers on their complete talent attraction strategy to attract a diverse range of people.

★ Designing the end-to-end candidate journey that maximises process automation.

★ Assessment, selection and delivery of digital marketing tools and systems.

★ Reviewing latest technologies to assess how they deliver real value across the hiring lifecycle.

★ Using analytics to make better business decisions rather than rely on anecdotal opinions.

★ Consulting across the organisation to deliver clear business impact from talent projects.

Today I work for Cornerstone OnDemand where my role is to help further develop the recruiting, onboarding and internal mobility platform to deliver world-class hiring capabilities across our EMEA clients and become recognised by every in-house recruiter, in every country, in every sector as the driving force behind the future of Talent Acquisition technology. To help achieve this goal I focus on:

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