Susan Collins


Perpetually inspired by people, processes, and ideas—Susan is always on the hunt for inspiring leaders. Her no-nonsense approach along with her insatiable curiosity has and continues to bring genuine, top talent through the doors of any company she works with or for. She is also responsible for strategy, technology & education around the recruitment function and is driven by the possibilities of making every day just a little better than yesterday for those around her.

Her passion for retail and networking led her to the development of Retail Networking Solutions. As a co-founder of RNS she facilitates up to 40 brand-neutral networking events a year for the retail field and is in constant communication with their almost 16,000 LinkedIn followers.

She believes everyone should (finally) get serious about turning their network into a personal and professional superpower. Through personalized coaching and strategic network building, she helps leaders make and maintain critical relationships that grow careers, generate business, and unlock infinite opportunities.

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Susan Collins

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