Understanding the Why, How, and Who behind Partnering with a Recruitment Advertising Agency

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April 27, 2021
April 27, 2021

Enjoy a casual, fireside chat-style webinar with our Founder & CEO, Neil Costa who will host a discussion with Nicole Rechenmacher, Doug Kerken & Toby Noding as they share their stories of how they work to understand their clients’ business and challenges. They will also discuss the HireClix ‘education first’ perspective during the process of partnering with a recruitment advertising agency. In the end, they will discuss the many challenges and opportunities they face when working with clients in the process of building customers for life.

What will you learn during this HireClix webinar:
-Why is it important to consider working with a Recruitment Advertising Agency?
-What are the fundamental benefits of working with a Recruitment Advertising Agency?
-Who are the people on a typical Recruitment Advertising Agency team?
-How do you work with an agency and your corporate marketing team?
-How does the process work and the three key factors to getting started?
-What keeps customers coming back to HireClix?

Since building relationships is the key to a strong long-term partnership with a client, the Clixers on the webinar will share relatable stories which will resonate with talent acquisition professionals at all levels. The discussion will touch on how they build trust, identify challenges and focus on service and solutions. Join us for an informative session where you can get to know the real deal regarding the people who deliver zealous service for our clients.

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