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It was costly to call home when abroad so I started my first business when I returned to Ireland aged 24. Soon we were offering international calls for cents when big telcos were charging dollars. The business matured into a telesales operation that allowed the teams to work from home, pioneering the concept of remote working and kick-starting my entrepreneurial journey.

An experienced sales and marketing leader I am slightly unusual in my ability to spin up an AWS instance from the command line one day then negotiate and close enterprise SAAS deals the next. This technical fluency combined with a deep insight into consumer behaviour have been instrumental in successfully shaping the products I have worked on to match market needs whilst delivering successful go to market strategies to beat revenue targets.

Currently my focus is the HR technology sector where I have been helping companies like Clinch build a global brand and reach their early ARR milestones. I’m known for my ability to get the job done cost effectively whilst forging lasting partnerships and relationships across the sector.

A lot of my work in this space has been driven by my core hypothesis that poor information flow between candidate and employers is the root cause of many of the problems companies experience when attempting to attract and hire the right talent.

The convergence of content marketing and recruitment with the associated issues that are being raised by European privacy laws form the basis of many of the topics I am regularly asked to speak on at conferences and events.

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